Time's A' Wastin' 4/365

You know, taking a decent photo a day gets hard when none of your cameras work. This was taken with my L18 with the cracked screen. I had to take it three times and I'm still not quite happy with the result, but c'est la vie. School starts tomorrow for the kids and I have other things to get to.

Today, like many other days, time got away from me. Tends to happen between insomnia and mild depression/ennui/lack of desire to participate in life.

Time gets away from me a lot. I'm either not interested in participating in something, or I get distracted from being on task, or I get completely absorbed in something. There is no middle ground nor balance it seems. Time Management does not exist in my personal vocabulary, though not for lack of trying.

I'm going to try again this year. I'm going to put some actual, cognitive, focused effort into paying attention to my time and not letting it get away from me, for any reason.