Thursday 13

A mixed bag

1. I've been served an eviction notice, this is a new experience for me. My landlord returned my check, so it wasn't for non-payment, exactly.
2. I haven't had a panic attack yet over the situation. This is a good thing.
3. My son seems ok, then again, his life has been nothing but turmoil since we moved back to CA. No wonder he wants to move back to OR.
4. My kids are suburbanites.
5. I can only seem to get decent jobs in CA, but can't seem to afford it still.
6. I like prunes, but my son is the one who needs them.
7. I should get up at 6 more often, it's 930 and I'm tired.
8. How do people do this week after week? I'm losing creativity.
9. My daughter really loves the dogs. If I don't find an affordable place to live the dogs will need a new home.
10. I still have a job.
11. But I'm a contractor.
12. Hrm, not funny at all. This is what happens when I try to blog when tired.
13. Joy has arrived just in time for bed. I'm trying to remember to "count it all joy" through this time of trouble.

And just for @hennartonline ... I still have my mind, though it's rapidly trying to get away from me =)

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  1. Very happy that the panic attacks have not happened and that your mind is in the right place as far as decisions to make. It will be tough, but I believe in you and know that you can make the tough choices to make things work.

  2. Yikes.
    Good luck to you.
    You never know why something happens and what will happen as a result.

    Keep posting about yourself and your thoughts. We will keep reading.

    Hang in there.

  3. Just remember, I am always here to help you catch it should you really lose that mind!:-) Glad it's not missing all together!

    Love your T13 post!

  4. Sometimes things happen for a reason and we just can't see the reason... Deep breath and maybe a stiff drink

  5. Oh Crikey! I'm sorry it's not going so great. Welcome to life in CA where even the people who work their asses off can't afford to live. Sigh.

    Hope it gets better soon!



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