Do Not Cross 28/365

An announcement was made over the P.A. system stating that there had been an accident at Del Amo station and both north- and southbound trains had to share a track (delays, delays, delays).

By the time my northbound train reached Del Amo, nothing remained of the accident except a few sherrifs and yellow crime tape.

I wonder what the accident was to warrant the use of crime tape ...

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LA Times reports:
11:38 AM, January 28, 2009

Authorities are investigating the death of a man who was killed this morning when he fell from the platform of a Metro station near Carson and was hit by a train.

The unidentified man fell between two cars of the southbound Blue Line and was run over about 9 a.m., when the train left the Del Amo Station for Long Beach, said Dave Sotero, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

A person standing on the platform alerted the conductor of a northbound Blue Line train, which had just arrived at the station, that someone had been run over, according to an MTA official at the scene. The southbound train that hit the man continued to Long Beach without the conductor realizing what had happened, officials said.

After the incident, the man's body was covered with a white sheet, and blood had splattered on the side of the platform. Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department taped off a portion of the platform as they waited for members of the coroner's office to investigate and remove the body.


  1. C'mon....INVESTIGATE!!!! I need to know. I'll check the take photos and we'll chat later!

  2. I got the news hook-up. Very glad I was in the train. The morbid curious me would have taken tons of photos of the crime scene.

    And then I might have puked.


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