Blogging Momma: A Great Loss

Blogging Momma: A Great Loss: "Now imagine grieving while caring for your daughters, helping them understand where their brother went when in reality you don't understand yourself. Trying to stay positive and supportive yet your heart is breaking at the same time. Do you think that is enough to deal with? What if you didn't have funeral expense money saved? You never expected to suffer a loss so great... Now during the roughest time in your life you have a funeral expense hanging over your head to figure out how to pay. Trying to build up the strength and the courage to ask for help would seem overwhelming."

Please read the full story at: Blogging Momma. She also includes a link to Keaton's obit and how to contribute at any Wells Fargo by mentioning Keaton's name. I don't believe this is a stunt, as DJane posted it on behalf of her friend.


  1. Oh trust me, I sure wish it wasn't true. I posted the link to the obit for everyones peace of mind in donating. Sad that there are people out there trying to get money by faking deaths.

    BTW I finally got the paypal button live that goes directly to the Keaton family.

    Thank you again for posting!


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