Snow Day at Shoreline Village

snow day collage
The sun was covered by dark clouds, the wind was blowing, and we were at sea level. BUT honey, it was COLD outside! It hadn't been when we left the house for gymnastics, so despite having her snowsuit (time for a new one I think) we didn't have a jacket. In these pics she's wearing her leotard, covered by a long sleeve tee and a snowsuit. Pants wouldn't fit. And she hates wearing socks if she doesn't have to.

After being miserable on the snow, we went to the bouncy stuff, and then back to the snow where she proceeded to bean me in the eye with a snowball. After that we went shopping in the Village and warmed up with some tasty churros.

All-in-all a good Saturday.


  1. My kids would have loved that ... cold, but fun. I so would have driven up for that had I known.

  2. Looks like so much fun! Can't believe we have the real thing this week in Portland (Oregon), we're even sledding in the church parking lot across the street. This never happens here, so everyone is having lot's of fun...and no school to, what a December!

  3. I'm jealous! Until last year we lived up there. We missed a White Christmas and now snow before January 1. I hope the city doesn't shut down like it did a few years ago with the ice storm.


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