It's a White Elephant!

First of all, what is a white elephant?
White elephant gifts are traditionally gifts considered extremely tacky, or that do not fit the tastes of the recipient, and that are given by a friend or close relative (such as a mother-in-law) and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged at the store without potentially offending the giver. The thought behind a white elephant gift exchange is to give everyone a chance to rid themselves of these tacky gifts--and invariably gaining a new one!

-- WikiHow

The Rules
Select who will open a gift first. 

Decisions, decisions...
Have the next person choose and open a gift. Now this is where it gets interesting. The person has a choice of whether to keep the gift they opened, or to "steal" an already opened gift from a previous person. If they steal a gift, they take that gift and give their unwanted gift to the person they stole from. That person then gets the option of stealing from someone else, and this continues until somebody decides to stick with their gift.

Modifications for this blog:
I will start by telling you what the gift is in the comments. You can decide if you want it. Whoever comments first will be the one to "open" it.  But beware! Someone may come along later in the night and steal it! 

If you steal a gift you have to leave a gift in the comments and also let the other twitter/blog owner know that you have given your gift away. 

Whoever has kept the gift by the time 10 PM Pacific Time rolls around wins and will get the gift via email from me.


  1. Tonight's White Elephant Gift is an online only coupon for 30% off. Limited Time Only.

  2. Okay I'll open it!

    I'm also leaving a gift of a real elephant, a 4-inch orange elephant doll made with Thai silk.

  3. And yeah, I'll ship the elephant to whoever wins it. :)


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