Forgotten Christmas Specials

Truthfully, I know about the Star Wars one because of Tim. I think I saw the He-Man/She-Ra one, I wasn't allowed to watch the Pee Wee Herman one, and I never heard of the Pac-Man one. How about you guys?

(Disclosure: this was sent to me by someone else who had the time to do the research on "forgotten" Christmas specials. I thought it was good enough to pass along)


o_starwarsholidayfront 1. "The Star Wars Holiday Special" (1978 - CBS): On the planet of Kashyyyk, Chewie’s family anxiously awaits the return of Han Solo and Chewie for the celebration of ‘Life Day.’ The duo must battle their way through Imperial forces to join the party.
*Key moment: Princess Leia performing the "Life Day" theme song to the tune of the original Star Wars’ score.

He-ManShe-RaChristmas 2. "He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special"  (1985): Two children unwittingly get caught up in the battle between good and evil when Skeletor believes that the spread of their Christmas spirit is the only thing that can stop Horde Prime’s total domination of the Universe.
*Key moment: Skeletor shooting down Horde Prime’s ship and saving the two children after being overtaken by the Christmas Spirit.

peeweexmas 3. "Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special"  (1988): A number of celebrities drop by Pee Wee’s festive playhouse to teach Pee Wee the lessons of Christmas and Hanukkah. Appearances by Oprah Winfrey, Cher, Joan Rivers and Magic Johnson give the special some celebrity wattage.
*Key moment: The classic double entendres featured throughout -- such as the bottled "Eau de Pee-Wee" perfume that smells like Pee Wee.

mov_grandma_got_run_over_by_a_reindeer 4. "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" (2000): Jake strives to help his Mum and Dad protect their family store from takeover, but in the confusion it turns out Grandma has gone missing and was involved in a very unusual hit and run accident.
*Key moment: Santa’s "hit and run" note and Grandma’s Christmas cakes being spiked by ‘reindeer-nip’.

paclandxmas 5. “Christmas comes to Pac Land ” (1982 – 1984, you actually had two years to try and catch this one!):  Pac-Man and Christmas!!  Who wouldn’t want a show that was part of the Hollywood trend of “it’s a successful video game/movie/song/catchphrase; so, let’s make a whole series around it!”
*Key moment:  How could you pick with so many hidden gems throughout this excruciating 1/2 hour?




  1. I'm here to satisfy your whorish ways with a comment.

    I heard Stretch Armstrong and peewee were going do a remember when Christmas special together filmed live from a XXX store.

  2. That's just wrong on so many levels....

  3. Okay, so . . . .I haven't heard of ANY of those. Sigh.


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