Thanskgiving Auction - GNO Style

Chenille Scarf
chenille scarf in wine
You are bidding on a chenille scarf made from Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick, available in 30 colors. The winning bidder will actually have their choice of color, this is just a sample.

Here is how the auction works:
Please leave a comment with:

  • your bid
  • name
  • and a way to contact you.

The bidding will end sometime on Wednesday 11/19 and the winning bid will be announced via Twitter.
You do NOT need a twitter account to qualify! You will be notified via email as well. The winning bidder will then need to pay directly to the paypal account set up on the GNO-cares page, in order to have the item shipped.


Also visit Mommygossip-GNO to see other items to bid on.

Opening bid is $15. Please bid in at least $1 increments.


  1. $15 / Jennifer M-I / @jamiain on twitter

  2. $16 Michelle @wandermom on twitter

  3. $20!! And I love the color used in the photo! Desiree - @mothermusings or

  4. I am closing the bidding tonight because I am just too tired. @mothermusings wins!

    What color do you want?

  5. I just did the donation thru Mommy Gossip site via paypal. Do you need Carissa or Jyl to confirm?

  6. Hi. Looks like a nice idea and just in time for the cold weather.


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