Sugar's Giveaway

Ok, so my photos won't fit in Sugar's comments, so I am posting my entry here.

The Rules:

Okay, so here's how we'll play this game. I'm going to give you a few tasks and questions to be answered. You will answer and display in the comments section. Easy enough, right? These are your scavenger hunt items:

1) A picture of you in the 90s when we were all first making out to singing Kissed By a Rose.

2) A Lego creation. It can be your own, one that your kid made, or one that you find on line. My engineer-in-training four year old will be much obliged if you can include directions and moving parts.

3) Your favorite song from the new Soul album. You can find the videos down there... down at the bottom of the blog... we're scrolling, we're scrolling, we're THERE! There it is! Which one do you just want to hear over and over?

That's it. Just those little items. You have until Sunday, November 16th to get those in. Not too long, so don't pull a Sugar and go procrastinating and not get your chance to win.

1) Ok, not the chola hair I promised, but this was one of my 90's hairstyles (more like Salt 'N' Pepa style):

Geekette hard at work

2) A Lego Creation:

Rainforest Cafe and Downtown Disney 024

3) and even though it's not playable in your widget, probably "If You Don't Know Me By Now" because that is one of my all time fave songs.


  1. Awesome, thanks!

    I'll see what's up with the video player... strange...

    And wow... you had short hair! Even when my hair was short, it was BIG! ;)

  2. This was wash, gel, & go hair :)

  3. I wonder if those Legos have been glued together.
    Neat post.


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