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On Tuesday I had a chiro appt and a lot of my pain can be attributed to lousy sleep and sleeping positions, and sleep pressure, in this case, meaning the pressure that is applied to various parts of my body while I sleep.

My two most recent chiropractors have told me to stop side-sleeping, and I'm trying, really I am. But ever since I was a child I have always ended up side-sleeping. I consciously make the effort to fall asleep on my back, but I am so restless (probably due to the stress and what-not) that I can't stay still. I don't "knock out" like I used to (if I ever did).

So, I basically need a sleep positioner in adult size. Or a mattress that I can sink in to. I'm trying to convince my chiropractor to write me an Rx for a new mattress. the one I have isn't that great and the Memory Foam knock off mattress pad isn't thick enough. I am now contemplating a down baffle bed for support and comfort.


The good news is, I don't have fibro. I just sleep lousy. Going back tonight for another adjustment.

And now it's time for lunch with @bizzimommy


  1. I used to have chronic back pain until I started sleeping on the floor. It works!

  2. I've done that a few times and it just makes my hips hurt more. I'm sure I'll find something that works though.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I wish you luck with getting the prescription for the new mattress. You need to sleep comfortably. I can never get my mind to shut off so I toss and turn at night too. I am sorry you are in so much pain

  4. I know what it's like to have back pain. Good luck.

  5. I can totally relate and I am a side sleeper too. I just can not sleep on my back! Not to mention that we have a queen sized bed and it is hubby, me, our 21 month old son, a 90 lb boxer and a 50 lb English bulldog that all sleep in the bed! I spend the whole night trying to find a place to sleep!
    Thrifty Thoughts

  6. You're lucky, I found out just the opposite. It's not my bed or my pillow, and I may very well on my way to BEING fibromialgic. YAY, not really, but I hadn't thought about it till reading your page. Then my chiro was like too much chronic pain, you'll be fibro if we don't stop it somehow. We're trying but still have to request more visits and see if they get approved. Dontcha love health ins.?

  7. Oh Jenn! I hope it's not Fibro. I hope the insurance approves it. And yes, I love health insurance! It also helps that one of my chiro's gives me a "Friends and Family" discount, he's Josh's godfather. I think it's these darn sit-all-day-long jobs we have.


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