What are Six Little Known Things About You?

I've been tagged by Sugar over at Living - In Theory
so I guess I will fill y'all in on six things that you never knew and probably never wanted to know.

  1. I used to hate country music, but now I like it. A lot. Ok, not all country. Rascal Flatts, I <3 them. And when I am feeling goofy or needing a pick me up, Big and Rich. I love their philosophy of MuzikMafia. And one of my girlfriends introduced me to Gretchen Wilson. I <3 her too. So, a girl from the ghetto gets down to country. Go figure.
  2. In person, I'm naturally quiet, subdued, and introverted. A lot of my RL friends are, shall we say, overwhelmed by how much output I have online considering I let other people carry the conversation in person. Go figure.
  3. I really do know how to clean house. No, really, I do. Quit laughing. In fact, I am so good that for a couple of terms in college I was a housekeeper for this little old lady out in Imperial Beach. But I'm not sure what's happened the last few years. I have noticed that the more depressed I get the worse my house looks. I guess I've been depressed lately. I have Flylady C.H.A.O.S. But I'll get it clean again someday.
  4. Smart-aleck that I am, I don't have my college degree. Been working 14 years on getting it. Will probably be another 14 before I do get it.
  5. I'm addicted to chocolate ... oh wait, you already knew that. How about that I'm allergic to pork. I thought it was just intolerance since I was raised S.D.A but it turns out my dad is allergic and my kids are showing a sensitivity to it too. You really shouldn't eat meat from an animal that doesn't have functional sweat glands.
  6. I love to dance. I haven't been able to go out and do it since my grandmother died (that's a whole 'nother story) and dancing at home seems to embarrass the bejeebus out of my son. Not to mention in the car. Yeah, I dance a lot in the car. Especially on my commute home from NoHo. I make sure my alignment is always correct so that I *can* dance in the car. More than just bopping my head, my whole upper body is involved and depending on traffic conditions, yes my hands come off the wheel. So, the next time you see someone just groovin' her heart out in her Honda Fit it might just be me.

And now I tag Jes, Daphne, Douglas, Jyl, Thea, and Kitrona


  1. How about a small dance class that feels like you're dancing in someone's really big living room? I take Jazz on Monday and Burlesque on Thursday (Sizzle RULES as an instructor!) and loving it! But I have to take 2 months off because my favorite instructor will be in a play plus my day job is going to be crazy.

    www.moondancestudio.net. Let me know! :)


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