The Pitcher's Pendant

by Tee Morris

Love mystery? Fantasy? Film noir? How about Philip Marlowe or David Eddings? If you can say yes to any of these questions, run, don't walk, to get a copy of The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant: A Billibub Baddings Mystery. It's the perfect mix of all the above.

Tee Morris flows in his use of metaphor and imagery of the 1920's. If you have listened to the podcast of The Case of the Singing Sword you can almost hear Tee narrating his latest Billibub offering.

Enjoy the mix of baseball and fantasy metaphors that flow together seamlessly.

Billi's character development, as well as that of the supporting cast is credible. No need to suspend (much) belief when reading. I could go on, but I'm afraid of giving out spoilers.

If you don't mind mixing your genres, this is an enchanting and entertaining read.