GNO Follow up Blog on Traveling

Ok, so I'm going to be lame and just link some of my more interesting travel posts here :) You can also search for more stories.
  1. Roadtrip with Jes. Phase 1 this was a roadtrip with a girlfriend, her three kids, and not the best planning :) The photos from the trip can be seen on photobucket. We got some truly amazing sunrise photos coming up through the Grapevine. Oh yeah, the trip was from Portland to SoCal and a week later we did the return trip
  2. Photo Friday - ok, not really a blog post, but the topic was travel. This was taken on a roadtrip to Las Vegas with 2 kids. 
  3. SoCal to Grand Junction
  4. Last year's trip to Vegas

And this little exercise has made me realize that though I love to blog, and I love to travel, I haven't blogged much about travelling!! Either that or I need to go back and really do my labels.

But if you want to take a look at the photos of all the places I have been recently:

Thanks for reading.