AAA to the Rescue - Again

Here are the dogs waiting patiently with me as I wait for AAA, again.


A little over a month ago I had to call AAA to come unlock my car. Last night was a little more dramatic. I thought I was being a good doggie mommy when I got home and it was about 90 degrees in the house. HOT! I changed as quickly as possible into a T-shirt, board shorts and Teva's (love my Teva's, but that's another story), grabbed leashes and away we went. The dogs get so excited when I grab the leashes. And even more so when I told them to go to the car instead of "Front" (front means you have to pee and poop out front and just get a walk. Car means "Yay! We're going somewhere and get to SMELL things!")

So, we head out to the beach. I chose the board shorts because they have a pocket I can keep my keys and phone in. Apparently about 5 minutes in, or sometime after I locked my car (this time I clearly remember having keys in hand!) my keys fell out into the soft sand from a hole in my pocket. I never realized because my phone was still in my pocket. Not that you can hear a whole bunch over the crashing of waves and such.

We enjoyed a good walk between the two life-guard stations that mark the boundaries of Dog Beach. I walked them back and forth four times, Zoe romping into the water and trying to get Buddy to chase her. It wasn't happening. My old man was fine just walking with me and wandering over to people silly enough to be on the beach at that late hour (BTW, I don't care how secluded you think it is, trying to make it on a lifeguard tower is stupid. People can still see you. You're better off using a blanket in the sand).

Where was I? Oh yes, it was calming and mind-relaxing for me, which I needed, and the hyper-psycho dogs became calm and well-behaved once again. I even got Zoe to stand under the shower (boy was that water cold!) and rinse off. We walked some more so I could get her a little more dry and then headed to the car. I reached into my pocket and ...

NO KEYS! Now I keep my keys on a carbiner and hoped on the off chance ... nope, not on my waist since board shorts don't have belt loops. And then I felt the hole. The hole that my phone had not managed to fall out of, but my keys did. I think I would have been less upset if I had lost my phone. I have insurance on it. The phone is replaceable. My keys, not so much so.

A little panic and self-pity set in. Ok, a lot. I cried from the stress and the patheticness of the situation, I tweeted for help (hey, it worked for that one guy). I would have called, but it was close to 10 and I had no idea who was still up. I tried using my phone as a flashlight and retracing my steps. That didn't work either. I finally called AAA. It took them almost an hour to get there and get me home, but I made it home safe and sound. And no longer centered.

On the bright side, I'm glad I had a spare car and house key at home. Now I just have to get replacements for everything else that was on my keychain.

Let the phone calls begin!

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  1. HEY!!!!!!

    Finally got here! So glad we met on Twitter! Hope to Twitter with you more often! Have a great week!

  2. Okay, even though you tweet like a mad woman, I still don't know all your dark secrets... So please play along:

    Purty pleeez!


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