The Last Week of Summer













Well, Labor Day has come and gone. And the last week of summer has been exciting to say the least. Well, some parts of it were exciting. I got a good tip on a gymnastics studio in Huntington Beach and Joy did a free lesson. As you can see, she LOVED it. I bought her a leotard (which she lived in for 2 days) and signed her up for classes. Not sure when they start as she will be the 3rd girl in a brand new class.

In a previous post I showed you how well she has come along in her skateboarding. At the beginning of summer she could barely scoot along. Then she was introduced to a cruiser. Now she can zig-zag, do hills (sort of, hops off if she goes too fast), and can confidently tackle the skatepark. That was a field trip with daycamp. I have the feeling that as soon as she can swim without floaties or a life-jacket she's going to ask for a surfboard. It's the next logical step. I'm a bit relieved that she wants a cruiser more than a regular skateboard. You can't do tricks on a cruiser. :)

Let's see, we also added a new family member. Buddy :) He's awesome for an old dog, and adjusted really well to Joy's imitation of Elmyra.

Zoe has been insanely jealous, though learned the dominance game fairly  quickly.


All of us (me, Josh, and Joy) all agree that this summer has gone by much too quickly. School starts tomorrow, and the beginning of another season. Josh starts High School as a 9th grader (where has the time gone???) and Joy starts 1st grade.

On Sept. 8 I start my new job at D.I.G. DIG


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