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On May 21, 2008 many Twitter users participated in a Twit-Out in protest to the many problems the service has been having recently. In response Sarah Perez, of ReadWriteWeb, wrote How to Use Social Media for Social Change. Sarah thought that the anger users were displaying toward the Twitter outages and instability could have been directed in a more positive manner toward social causes.

I was pleased to see this article because I was feeling the same sentiment. I am addicted to and dependent on Twitter but it is a free service. And then I think about everything going on in the world and realize that Twitter hiccups are trivial in light of war, famine, food and gas prices, and the degradation of the environment. Personally, I'm trying to stay focused on the big picture

Postings on Twitter, however, are just a, hopefully, small part of an individual's life and just because someone is complaining about outages doesn't mean she isn't involved in social causes. It just starts to seem that way when all the tweets are twitter complaints and not complaints about the environment and social injustice.

I started to wonder how many individuals and organizations are using Twitter to improve the world and bring awareness to environmental issues. I knew they were out there because I post as eleblog for my elephant news site in addition to kwbridge for this site and for personal use. I came up with the following list of Green and Environmental resources using twitter. There were some that I purposefully left off the list because they have not used Twitter in months. I am sure that there a lot of others that I missed, so please let me know about them in the comments and I will add them.

So, maybe start following some of these resources and getting involved with them in order to help make the world a little bit better. It will give you something to do when Twitter is down ;-) I have listed the Twitter user name and the website of the individual or group. In addition, I have created an opml file for these sites, if you would like to add them to your RSS reader.

Update - June 14, 2008: The list and opml file has been updated based on recommendations from AIDG.

Other Lists of Twitter Resources

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