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Geek Girl Blogs Podcasting Series will be here soon!
On Friday I was lucky enough to track down Bronwen Clune Founder & CEO of Norg Media to be the first interviewee for our Geek Girl Blogs PodCasting series talking about starting & running a Web 2.0 Business in Australia.

Being the first one, I have to admit I was really excited, but I also had a case of frst time jitters to begin with - luckily that faded as we got into it!

We are going to be running these monthly and covering topics that are both technical & non technical in an attempt to provide inspiration & support to women working in the IT industry, female students and younger women considering a career in IT. We are going to be interviewing Female Role Models in the IT industry, highlighting some of the amazing work that they are doing, and also talk about issues that affect women working in IT.

Coming up we have Damana Madden talking about what was involved in setting up Sydney Girl Geek Dinners. We will talk to her about what was involved, tips for getting sponsors and what you can do to set up a Girl Geek Dinners event series in your town.

We also ha


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