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  1. I'm not a fan of tribal tattoos, so I can't vote for that one. Also, as much as I love (and advocate) for large pieces, I would be bummed if I had a large piece somewhere I couldn't even see it.

    Also, as popular as chest pieces are right now, do you REALLY want a tattoo on your chest? The wrists would be so sexy!

    The blue Yin Yang is lovely, beautiful details. It's going to need to be a 1/2 sleeve though to capture all that detail.

    And lastly, I love the dragons on either side of the Yin Yang symbol. Interesting, could easily be embellished to make it more personal, and less flash. But I wouldn't put it on your belly. Again, think about what gravity and aging will do to your belly over time. It's not going to look good in 20 years.

    Just the thoughts of a serious tattoo collector. My vote, of the ones you picture here, is the Serenity tattoo on your wrists. Lovely, feminine and something you can embellish w/ cherry blossoms, or other stuff later if you wanted to. You could even do them in a color (red) instead of black.




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