Simply Adorable!

In these days of technological and information overload, sometimes we all need to see the cuddly side of a piece of gadgetry. My wife, Mrs gadgetshop has a very close and personal relationship with her Kenwood Chef. And who am I to get in the way of true love? For my own sins, I have formed a close personal bond with my old Acorn Electron, and now have it framed above my writing bureau at home. (Being about as powerful as the processor in my washing machine, it's pretty much useless for everything else).

Now there's an answer for the legions of people who bombard the gadgetshop postbag with requests to make the hassle of listening to MP3 music from an MP3 player just a touch less, well, antiseptic. They shouldn't all be white and look like they're heart monitors, now, should they? No indeed. Which is why the set of iPals we have on test at gadgetshop HQ are rather endearing little critters.

Coming complete with an audio cable for connection to any number of iPods or MP3 players, these alien-looking dudes are in fact the home for two cuddly 8.5cm stereo speakers. Positioned on the end of two flexible limbs, offering full rotation and bendability, the speakers will relay your music of choice at the end of your bed, or on your desk, in perfect high fidelity. Cleverly powered by their own batteries, the iPals won't even drain the power from your MP3 player. Which is nice of them.

And not available in the US? time to go surfing