I didn't vote for Bush, I wasn't even born yet!

May 5, 2008
This is pretty funny!

Don't speak toddler? Here's what they're saying:

"Oh please, you can't expect her to know how to run a country just because her husband did."

"Excuse me? In addition to being former first lady, she had performed admirably as New York senator."

"That's debatable."

"So is Obama's experience level. Not to mention the question of his patriotism."

"Oh don't bring up this Reverend Wright crap again. If every politician were held responsible for the words of his associates..."

"Or her associates..."

"They wouldn't..."

"This was not an associate. This was his pastor!"

"Right! This was his pastor! Not him! Not his words! You want to talk about personal accountability? How about all the 'misremembered' stories Shrill is spreading around the campaign trail?"

"Oh, and you have a perfect memory?"

"I'm not running for President!"

"Well, Bush did and look what happened."

"Why are you bringing Bush into this? I didn't vote for Bush. I wasn't even born yet!"

"My point is, it's time for men to stand aside and let a woman show America how it's done."

"Then why aren't you bashing McCain too? He's a man. You know why? Because he's white!"

"Oh, please!"

"He's white, and Barack is black, and you're a racist!"

"Well, you're a chauvinist!"

"At least my candidate didn't cry on the campaign trail!"

"Well, at least my candidates middle name isn't Hussein!"

"Oh, you did not just go there!"

"You're right, I'm sorry. That was low."

"Look, let's just come together and stop fighting. Otherwise McCain will win."

"McCain! Yes!"


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