Busy busy days

May 26, 2008
This is Joy's new look. Officially. My daughter has to wear glasses, she's farsighted (dad's side! Everyone on my side is near-sighted). But hey she wanted to look like Mommy, she picked the frames (first choice too), but ... we all like them and she can see now. :) And for anyone who knows me and remembers, I had a thing for tortoiseshell glasses for the longest time too. But I don't think Joy has seen those, but the shape of these are definitely something I have worn over the years.

Yesterday we got manicures and pedicures with my friend Susan. 14 years since we've seen each other!!! It was fairly relaxing, I want to do it again without the distraction of kids. So hard to talk about some things when there are impressionable ears around. And now to ... walk the dog, help Josh study for finals and write my paper for my final. I need a few more free days...
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