what if charles schulz created watchmen?

From Wil Wheaton's Blog. Yes, that Wil Wheaton.

What if Charles Schulz Created Watchmen?

I saw this link on TotalFark this morning. It was created by Evan Shaner, whose mom says, "is a lovely, bright young man," who "should have been a pastor or a doctor."

On a whim I drew up a piece last week asking the question "What if Charles Schulz created the Watchmen?" and holy crap I had no idea people were going to like it. I posted it on Deviant Art and the darn thing spread like wildfire. So there you go, I guess I should draw more stuff based on jokes that might make Alan Moore angry. If you Google my name you can find all the places this work has been brought up, and most of them say something about Moore taking away the rights from DC over this. Like he's ever heard of me.

(But if you have Mr. Moore I love Tom Strong. Please send more Tom Strong.)

If there is any justice in this damned world at all, it will storm the Internets like Mahir Rickrolling a LOLCat.