How Asian Are you?

You think you�re Asian, but your not quite there. You are a Pacific Islander (or at least at heart). You are heavily influenced by Asian culture and you look slightly more Asian than anything else. But you are too dark skinned to be Asians. You see, true Asians are racist and look down on dark skin. You are not only stepped on by fellow Asians, but also the white man. Of all the Asian countries, you were the most taken over and beat down by western white men through out history. As a result, you have lost many of your Asian values. Like taking your shoes off before going inside your house. You have also most likely lost most of your God given skills and talents, such as using chopsticks. Not only are you not fully Asian, you are not fully westernized either. Filipino people for example use a fork and spoon. Not even a knife! This is most likely why pacific islanders identify better with black or latino people than they do with other asians and even white people.