First Haircut EVER!


Joy and Ro. Ro rocks when it comes to cutting curly hair and Joy behaved BEAUTIFULLY for her.


Joy's been asking for a haircut for almost a year now. being my baby and having such gorgeous, curly, soft hair I wasn't too keen on it. But, I know what it's like to be tender-headed and have tangles that take FOREVA to get out, so I thought shoulder-length would be OK.



My hyperactive child sat perfectly still while she got her hair done.


The finished product!!!  Joy has a natural side part and one side is fluffier (thicker/fuller) than the other already, but Joy liked it. Later in the day we bought some hair things, so now she can wear a ponytail that she does herself, and headbands. She was so happy to be able to brush all the way through her hair with no tangles.


Yup, that's all hers. Not quite as much as when Josh gets a haircut, but her hair isn't that thick yet.