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Tobey Maguire Jumps to Another Comic Book

According to The Hollywood Reporter, everyone's favorite webslinger is tackling another comic book adaptation. Tobey Maguire is teaming up with Neal Moritz to produce Afterburn, a comic series published by Red 5 Comics. There's no word yet if Maguire plans to star, or if he's sticking behind the scenes on this one. No writer has been assigned to adapt.

Afterburn is a sci-fi adventure set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where the Eastern Hemisphere has been destroyed by a massive solar flare. Those who survived have mutated due to the radioactive fallout. In this bleak setting lives a group of treasure hunters, who are happy to track down priceless treasures like the Mona Lisa, the Rosetta Stone, and the Crown Jewels -- for the right price. After all, they have to combat rival hunters, mutants and pirates. It sounds like Tomb Raider meets the X-Men. It's been getting pretty good reviews across the Internet, so I may just have to check it out since I'm a sucker for anything involving treasure hunters.

The first issue only just hit the stands in January. Incidentally, Red 5 was started by Paul Ens, the former director of and Lucas Online, and Scott Chitwood, who co-founded, and contributes to and Yay for Internet success stories! You should pop on over

Tobey Maguire will next be seen in Tropic Thunder in a cameo appearance. I always hate when those get spoiled, but no word on what the cameo will be, at least. He's also developing and producing a live action adaptation of the anime classic Robotech.