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The purpose of this post—because as you know, every single one of my posts has a very precise and defined purpose—is two-fold. First, being that it’s Monday (i.e. a universally despised weekday) I wanted you to be able to see this photo and maybe, possibly, be inspired by this energetic mustang’s wild spirit. Maybe you’re in a cubicle, or maybe you’re gearing up for a long day of scrubbing baseboards and doing laundry? Or perhaps you have a meeting today that you’re dreading; maybe you can’t find the shirt in your closet you swore was there and you have no idea what you’re going to wear now, and you need to spend time figuring out what you’re going to say in the meeting, not what you’re going to wear. I just hate it when that happens. Because you know, I have, like, so many meetings to go to all the time. Yeah, that’s it. Meetings with cows. Cows and manure.

Anyway, just forget about all of it and stare at this horse for a moment. This horse doesn’t have any meetings today. She doesn’t have any baseboards to scrub. And she certainly isn’t missing any shirts from her closet because, well, she doesn’t wear shirts. And she doesn’t have a closet. She simply wakes up every morning and greets the prairie…and sets off on the business of eating. In the mustang world, there’s no such thing as meetings. And there’s no such thing as Monday.

My goal today, essentially, is to make you forget entirely that it’s the day after Sunday and the day before Tuedsay. So, hey! Let’s print some photos together. It’s what friends do. If you have a printer, fire it up. I’ve been uploading some more photos and recipes to this site so you can print them for free, including the above photo, entitled “Spirit.” Catchy, huh? I’m sure glad I’m the first person who’s ever thought to name an energetic wild mustang “Spirit.” I tell ya, it’s this kind of innovative thinking that’ll eventually take me to greatness. Or not.

So, the way I’ve arranged these photos is:
1. You go to the Pioneer Woman Photo Prints page, find the photo you want to print and click on the “Download” link. Adobe Reader software is required, which most computers already have. If yours doesn’t, click here for a free download.
2. After you’ve downloaded the file, you simply open it and click “print.”

Now, if you want to print only the photo with no white border around it, you can load your photo printer with 4 x 6 photo paper—that’s the size of the photos themselves. But if you like this look:

Just go ahead and print it using regular 8.5 x 11 inch paper. That way, the photo will be framed by a large white “mat.” Groovy, eh?

Here are some of the other photos available for print.






The best thing is, it’s totally free since you’ll be printing them yourself. And while you’re at it, print a couple out for your boss…or your estranged Orkin Man…or your disgruntled co-worker. It might make their Monday seem a little less tragic.

I’ve also uploaded a few of my recipes. Here’s what they look like when you print them out:

Pioneer Woman Sherried Tomato Soup

And here are a couple of other printable recipes available:

Marlboro Man SandwichPioneer Woman Chocolate Pie

So, there you are, my friends. While it may be Monday in most other parts of the world (except for those fortunate souls who live across the International Date Line), here on, it’s Printday.

And as everyone knows, there’s no doing laundry on Printday. It’s against the rules. At least, that’s what I’ll be repeating to myself.


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