Bulldozers at the Gate: LAUSD vs. the Eco-Village

Bulldozers at the Gate: LAUSD vs. the Eco-Village

I hope people show up to this meeting. This city needs more affordable housing, not less.


LA Eco Village vs. LAUSDTonight is round three of an ongoing David & Goliath battle between LA’s Eco-Village Community and the heavily funded Los Angeles Unified School District.

The Los Angeles Eco-Village Intentional Community (LAEV-IC) is an internationally recognized sustainable community and is part of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED-Neighborhood Development pilot program.

At issue the fact that in order to build Central Region Elementary School #20 in the neighborhood, the LAUSD wants to raze approximately 40 units of affordable housing, destroying a third of the Eco-Village neighborhood.

The Eco-Village team, recognized for many positive qualities, not the least of which is their reputation as “problem solvers,” has taken a positive approach to the threat to the community.

Scouring the neighborhood, surveying the landscape, walking the routes the children will walk, talking to neighbors and assessing the needs of the residents and of the LAUSD, the Eco-Village has a proposal that destroys ZERO housing, utilizes property already owned by the LAUSD and could actually increase recreational space over the LAUSD’s plan.

They have presented the plan to the LAUSD, LA’s largest developer, and tonight the School District will reveal their site selection.

The Site Selection Community Meeting for Central Region Elementary School #20 will be held @ 6pm at:

Virgil Middle School
152 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Photo courtesy of the LA Eco-Village

Bulldozers at the Gate: LAUSD vs. the Eco-Village
Stephen Box
Thu, 28 Feb 2008 16:30:00 GMT