Before I forget

My favorite Superbowl ads :) you can view all the ads here

Budweiser Clydesdales Superbowl Ad: Hank the Clydesdale

Description: Budweiser Beer Commercial in which Hank the Clydesdale horse is not chosen for the beer wagon team one year. He is befriended by a Dalmation, who then becomes his trainer for a year working him in the rain, having him lift loads and pull train cars to get in shape. One year later, Hank is chosen quickly as the coach tells him “Welcome aboard Hank.” The ad ends with a high five, er, hoof to paw congratulatory gesture between Clydesdale horse and dalmation dog. - AUBW8860H

Sobe Life Water Super Bowl Commercial: Naomi Campbell

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Planters Nuts Super Bowl Commercial: Woman Attracts Men w/ Nuts

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Pepsi Stuff Super Bowl Commercial: Justin Timberlake

Description: The Pepsi Stuff promo shows Justin Timberlake being drawn toward a woman and somehow pulled through space, off the ground, by some magnetic force. He crashes and gets beat up by his strange experience being pulled through space and having close and sometimes painful encounters with immovable objects and experiencing near misses with death. The campaign is to promote free stuff from Pepsi, like free MP3 downloads or even giant flat screen TV’s. Justin Timberlake music is one of the free MP3 downloads.

Glaceau Vitamin Water Superbowl Commercial: Shaq as Jockey

Description: Shaquille O’Neal plays a new jockey riding a horse named “Chunk of Love” and “wants a crown to go with all those rings!” according to the horse race track announcer calling the race with excited, very fast chatter and rattling off the names of horses. O’Neal looks almost as large as the race horse he’s riding as he works his way from the back of the pack to the front, with a few basketball foul moves and ends up smiling at the track camera for the photo finish. He towers over all the jockey’s in the winners circle as he drinks from the Glaceau Vitamin water after winniing the race “by a nose” and is smacked on the butt by a jockey walking by, much like on the basketball court, but here O’Neal appears startled by it. - VITA0104H

And this one was just disturbing, but funny too
Amp Energy Super Bowl Commercial: Tow Truck Driver Jumper Cables

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