No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


This past weekend was an eye-opener for many reasons. I learned that my big heart can cause me more trouble than the stress is worth, that friends who think they are helping can make a bad problem even worse, and that those who think that they are looking out for my spiritual welfare often make logistical mistakes that cause irreparable or nearly irreparable damage. I've been meditating on this post for about a week. And I think I will leave it at "no good deed goes unpunished".

One more disaster I can add to my
Generous supply?

No good deed goes unpunished
No act of charity goes unresented
No good deed goes unpunished
That's my new creed
My road of good intentions
Led where such roads always lead
No good deed
Goes unpunished!

One question haunts and hurts
Too much, too much to mention:
Was I really seeking good
Or just seeking attention?
Is that all good deeds are
When looked at with an ice-cold eye?
If that's all good deeds are
Maybe that's the reason why

No good deed goes unpunished
All helpful urges should be circumvented
No good deed goes unpunished
Sure, I meant well -
Well, look at what well-meant did:
All right, enough - so be it
So be it, then:

I promise no good deed
Will I attempt to do again
Ever again
No good deed
Will I do again!

Annette Sargent

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."  -Robert A. Heinlein


  1. wow very unlike you to air your anger on your blog....waz up?

  2. Yeah, I know it is, but I was just getting angrier and angrier and more bitter the more I kept it in. It was a combination of things that happened over the last week of the year. A simple trust was betrayed causing a (now-repaired) rift between me and Jess and all manner of hurt, anger, miscommunication and misunderstandings. It seems like people are always talking ABOUT me instead of talking TO me. And everyone gets upset because I'm not doing what THEY want on THEIR timetable. And everyone seems to know what's best for me and my family without actually talking to me and getting my side. And I'm sick of it. And it's been so long since I stood up for myself that I forgot how to do it. And I'm getting emotional at work so I'll stop for now. No use making them think I'm nuts too.

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