Border collie on soccer team has puppies

January 31, 2008

HUNTINGTON BEACH - Soccer Collies has grown by six.

Border collie "Keeper" had six puppies Tuesday.

Owner and coach, Mark Lukas, said he plans to train the puppies to play soccer and may sell them.

The mother is the goalie of a four-dog team that can dribble the ball with their noses and paws, shoot with their shoulders, and catch the ball in the air with their teeth and paws. The Soccer Collies were featured at a Radio Disney convention in Florida and have become a favorite at birthday parties.

The father, "Beck," is another member of the Soccer Collies and plays offense.

I could totally teach Zoe how to do this. OK, maybe I couldn't teach her, but she could totally learn. You can read the whole article here


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