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Border collie on soccer team has puppies

HUNTINGTON BEACH - Soccer Collies has grown by six. Border collie "Keeper" had six puppies Tuesday. Owner and coach, Mark Lukas, said he plans to train the puppies to play soccer and may sell them. The mother is the goalie of a four-dog team that can dribble the ball with their noses and paws, shoot with their shoulders, and catch the ball in the air with their teeth and paws. The Soccer Collies were featured at a Radio Disney convention in Florida and have become a favorite at birthday parties. The father, "Beck," is another member of the Soccer Collies and plays offense. I could totally teach Zoe how to do this. OK, maybe I couldn't teach her, but she could totally learn. You can read the whole article here


Situation Normal - All F***ED UP That's my life. Is it lack of planning? Is it lack of follow-thru? Skipping steps? Who knows. But I know this, I am tired of the drama. I want to be the one watching the soap opera, not living it. -- Annette Sargent "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."  -Robert A. Heinlein

Is you screen dirty?

If it is, click here Enjoy =D

Happy Tuesday

It's a good day when a guy thought to swing the other way tells you that you look good :) mood: content

Oddly Enough

Waving at girls costs man his arm Body found with rake stuck in head Twins separated at birth met and married Man accidentally hangs self in amateur stunt

Work Music

I have all these on my Zen. Had to listen to music to stay motivated enough to finish a report I've been working on all week, partially doped up because of my fall

Fwd: Scrabulous - Game #10093962 is now over

FINALLY I win one. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Hello Nette, The game being played by Nette,Jes is now over. You have won game with 252 points! Second place goes to Jes with 188 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- To view the board CLICK HERE

How to Fall On Your @$$ Gracefully

Giving birth and going through hours and hours of labor is much more bearable than the pain I am feeling right now in my back, hips and etc. Last night I slipped on some wet tiles and fell flat on my bum and elbow. I'm currently taking 800mg of Ibuprofen 3-4x/day and that turns the pain into a dull ache. Now I can TRULY commisserate with what Jess went through. But at least I can still walk, hobble, something.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Listen This past weekend was an eye-opener for many reasons. I learned that my big heart can cause me more trouble than the stress is worth, that friends who think they are helping can make a bad problem even worse, and that those who think that they are looking out for my spiritual welfare often make logistical mistakes that cause irreparable or nearly irreparable damage. I've been meditating on this post for about a week. And I think I will leave it at " no good deed goes unpunished ". One more disaster I can add to my Generous supply? No good deed goes unpunished No act of charity goes unresented No good deed goes unpunished That's my new creed My road of good intentions Led where such roads always lead No good deed Goes unpunished! One question haunts and hurts Too much, too much to mention: Was I really seeking good Or just seeking attention? Is that all good deeds are When looked at with an ice-cold eye? If that's all good deeds are Maybe t