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Expensive Mistake

I think my TomTom dropped into a fast food bag that I threw away on Friday night. I feel so stupid! Can't find the little gadget, can't afford to run out and get a new one even though they are on sale. *sigh* Back to Google maps I go.Technorati Tags: ,,

Christmas Tree


Sunrise in the Grapevine

Taken with an Olympus E-510, in an SUV doing 65mph, by the passenger, Jes Scott on the Grapevine headed south.

Phase 1 complete

This more represents our actual route. We didn't take the coast, didn't stay in a hotel, and drove straight through. We left Hillsboro about 11:30 AM and had a few errands to run before actually hitting the road. We stopped in Grants Pass for dinner, got directions to Wal-Mart, and then were on the road again. Jes drove from Portland to GP, I drove from GP to .... somewhere south of Sacramento where we gassed up again. I drove from Lodi (I think) to Pasadena, we rested a bit and got the kids breakfast and stretch out some before the final leg that Jes took by herself from Pasadena to Yorba Linda. WHEW!!! And we get to do it again on Tuesday -- in reverse.

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Today is the day. I get into Portland about 9:30 tonight and we start driving ... around 3 or 4 tomorrow morning I think. We're going to take the 5 as far as we can and then cut over to the coast for a while before going back on the 5 and then to Jes final destination.

Good thing I am bringing my GPS, this is going to be a good test of it. Especially when it comes to finding rest stops and the like.

To quote Jes, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!" Hope the kids have fun too.

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countdown to roadtrip


now isn't that a beautiful girl? a friend took this took picture of Joy

Blake Lewis - Break Anotha

I love this boy!!!!

Oh yeah, lyrics you can understand!!

nuff said

I think I need a dictionary at work. My vocabulary isn't as big as I thought it was. Just look at the scores.

Did I do that? Or not?

I can't remember. Didn't I tell you about that? Are you sure? Did I do that? I thought I did.

I am really hating the hallucinations/vivid dreams. This morning I had to ask my housemate if I had gotten up this morning and cooked. Because I dreamed it had happened, in detail and pretty much in the order that I later did it. I have full conversations that I remember. I dream/remember doing tasks that I am confused about later when I see that they are not done. And of course, my quality of sleep has started to suffer. Just earlier this morning I was falling asleep at my desk. I'm now drinking (guzzling) a Caramel Mocha frappacino in the hopes that I will wake up.

And I have been gently reminded to stop surfing except on breaks. Back to the grind

Annette Sargent

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."  -Robert A. Heinlein

12:20 PM AND I CAN'T STOP FIDGETING!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's talk about the weather

Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? It's going to be in the low 80's today!!!! It's DECEMBER It's supposed to be in the 60's.

But I don't miss the rain and wind storms.


I just finished my first play by email Scrabble game. Even though I lost (172 to 289) it was a fun distraction. Anyone else like Scrabble? If so, join Scrabulous. I think I am going to start another game today. And there are other options other than play by email.

Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone geek out with me. It's DEC 5-9 @ the Shrine in Downtown L.A. or Friday, Dec 14 and Saturday, Dec 15 @ The Los Angeles Theater
Meet the cast of Heroes, watch sci-fi, and more15th ANNIVERSARY

Jules Verne Adventures proudly celebrates 15 years of Exploration, Conservation and Education. Let's keep experiencing Extraordinary Voyages in the tradition of Jules Verne - where Science meets Fiction, where Documentaries meet Movies. We dedicate these first 15 years to the explorers who fight for the Earth, to the artists who broaden our imagination and to the warm audiences of the Festival. Last but not least, we thank our sponsors!

“JVAFF came about 15 years ago with support from Jacques Cousteau,” says co-founder Jeauffre, “based on the idea of exploring and preserving the planet. This was years before global warming, yet there was already the idea that change was urgently needed. The Festival has grown into something where science meets fiction - it’s about…

before and after

this is before. no product. just two ponytails that are shoulder length and VERY frizzy'duringand after :-)I woke up this morning and only had to brush a few strands back in place. it was AWESOME! and it feels soooooo soft!