Persistently ...

October 12, 2007

Josh has been persistently sick since Tuesday morning. I had to pick him up from school. Headache that borders on migraine (but goes away a lot faster than mine, then again it comes back a little later), sore throat, and fatigue. For those of you who know my son, imagine him wrapped up in a blanket just sitting and vegging for most of the day. And not talking. Barely talking. Barely eating (remember, he's also a teenage boy).

So I'm taking him to the doctor today. He hasn't had a fever or anything, otherwise he would have been there on Wednesday, and only one day where his nodes seemed a tiny bit swollen ... but .. days of rest and he's not getting better. This is Josh, he doesn't stay sick for days, ok, actually, when he gets really sick he does, but he's REALLY sick, like a fever that doesn't break for 4 days and etc.

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