OK, so I logged into MySpace real quick (what else do I have now that I am unemployed) and lo and behold the Jars are coming to town!!! (figuratively) *insert gasm of choice* :) . They are going to be in Anaheim at the House of Blues on the 10th. And in Bakersfield (affectionately called the armpit of CA) on Oct 7th. I wanna go!!! (yes, I love the Jars). I love them so much that even though I would GLADLY drag all of my dearest friends to the concert just so they could experience it ... I don't mind going alone either. Just so that I am there!!!!

OK, bedtime for me. *sigh* If I didn't have kids I would sooooo be a groupie.

(side note, due to 'puter problems this short notice took almost AN HOUR to write. Tim is my witness)