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October 6, 2007
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Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake

Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake
Last holiday season, our Candy Cane Joe Joe Cookies were a big hit. Huge. (They are coming back, but not just yet…) Your fervent interest in these treats inspired the creation of something awesome and brand new, our Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake! We've taken a traditional cheesecake and added natural mint extract and pieces of our Peppermint Joe Joe's to the filling. Then (as if it needs more goodness) we put it in a crust made of crushed, crunchy Candy Cane Joe Joe's. Oh, yes we did. We're selling each 18 oz. box of this creamy, minty, delightful Peppermint Joe Joe Cheesecake in our freezer case for only $5.99. It serves eight. Or one, if you're not of the mind to share. And who could blame you? (Not us…not us).


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