Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun

So, I move back to L.A. and finally get around to sending out my new address. One of the replies is an invitation to a birthday party for one of the daughters of one of my best friends from junior and senior high school (let me know if you are confused yet). So anyways, Tim, Joy, and I get there on time (imagine that, and Josh didn't want to go because it was a girl's party). Angie recognizes me right away, I had to do a double-take, I recognized her voice, but ... anyways! She looks good! It was so good seeing her, and then her brother and sister-in-laws showed up and one of her nieces and it was like being surrounded by family again. It helped that they all remembered me, and then kinda funny when ... "aren't you Geraldo's daughter?" "yes". My dad had stayed in touch with her family even after I left the state.

I have missed so many people! And I didn't even realize it. It's so good to be back home.


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