How not to have a good night


IF it ain't one damn thing, it's another. The dishwasher works again. I finally gave in and called a repairman. It's been not working since sometime in May. We were (I was) doing ok washing by hand, but it's so much easier to load, wash, unload, repeat (when Josh remembers to unload) the dishwasher. That boy must be told multiple times a day to put dishes away even though it's the chore he asked for ... and I digress.

So, Josh is over at a friend's house having another sleepover. He didn't put dishes away this morning. No bigs, I put dishes away, load the dishwasher and get ready to do pots and pans and the ... GARBAGE DISPOSAL CRAPS OUT! And I only notice this because there is a leak underneath the sink. So I notice the leak, and that it's coming from the line for the disposal. Then I try to run the disposal and all I get is a hummmm. More water is leaking from another pipe. I find a pot that has not had food cooked in it recently and clear everything out from under the sink. I clean up the water, I unplug and re-plug the disposal. Still, to quote Tim, no joy. And no, it is no joy to have a sink filling up with nasty water from the dishwasher, plus the stuff that I wanted to dispose of, and not have a working disposal!!!!

I finally gave up, left the cabinet doors open, with a pot under the sink to catch the water and a few extra towels and called it a night. At least I got all the food put away. Tonight I made meatloaf and lasagna. The loaf came out better.

And yes, I tried repeatedly to reset the disposal. Again, no joy. I'd eat lots and lots of chocolate to ease my frustration, but ... I bought a scale and it says I am *this close* to 180. How did I get to 175+??????? Goal and possibly another blog, to get down 30 lbs to 150, maybe 40 and be the weight I was 6 years ago, 135-140 give or take 5 lbs.

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