Heathens I tell ya

I COULD SCREAM!!!!!! I gave birth to a bunch of heatherns I tell ya. I can make 10 kids of various ages behave and get along, but I can't get my two to NOT FIGHT for the time I am in the shower. I swear he waited till I was in the shower. Joy was still sleeping peacefully (yah in my room). Two nights ago, when Josh wasn't here and she was just being more than I could handle intelligently ... she spilled water in her bed. I told her to sleep on her floor or in Josh's room since he wasn't here. She chose Josh's room (she wanted to sleep in a bed). I got her up and dressed the next morning and totally forgot about her jammies and (wet) pullup that I left in his room. So this morning, after not sleeping in his bed for like the 2nd week he decides that he wants to sleep in his bed. And freaks out cuz her blankie, jammies, and said pullup are there. So what does he do? What does he do???? Wakes her up, Calls her names, orders her to get her stuff out of his room. I only know this because for some reason my alarm is going off and both kids are screaming. Which one is old enough to know better? BEATS THE HELL OUT OF ME! I am so mad at him right now!!! Told him over and over if he has a problem with his sister to come to me or Tim because he just orders her around, doesn't even treat her with the common respect and courtesy that I taught the both of them to have for ALL kids (working on adults, she picks up so many of his bad habits).

Crap, gotta rush. At least it's Friday, and the kids aren't screaming anymore.