Evening of Chaos

Get home just after 5 to see Josh and friend playing video games. Josh asks "Mom, why are you home so soon?" I tell him it's just after 5. He thinks it's not that late. Joy wants to ride her bike and have Zoe with her. This doesn't quite work out. I go through mail and call a friend to thank him for a gift. It made it here in record time. I walk Zoe while talking with friend and watching Joy ride bike. About 6 (while still talking to friend, it's been quite a few months since we've talked) I go into house and start prepping the dishes. SAVE ME FROM 13-YR-OLD INNUENDO!!!!!! I finally kick all the kids out (Josh's friend Nick arrives for a sleep over. Josh got me when I was only half-way paying attention and asked for a sleepover. What was I thinking???? I work tomorrow!). OK, so where was I?

6:15-8:00PM dishes
6:30-7:15 - kick all kids and dogs out and tell them to come back at 7:15, dinner should be ready.
sometime between 6:45 and 7:00 - phone dies totally and completely and I don't feel safe charging it near the sink. Shoot off quick email to friend to explain what happened.
7:13 - kids return early. Josh sets table and kids eat (3 teenagers and one kinder) while I continue doing dishes.
sometime around 7:30 - kids finish eating and I do their dishes (again? more? I've lost track)
8:00-8:05 - I finally eat dinner and register a new postcard while the kids play video games and argue (I want more why????)
8:08PM Joy states: "No, instead of bath I'll talk to dad"

I am ready to collapse!

And it's not over yet. I still have to get Joy ready for bed. She REALLY needs a bath, but I think I will skip it. (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a pushover)