Drama Queen? Me?

Leo THE LION - the sign of Generosity
Leo is expansive, loving the grand gesture and generally will have a sunny outlook on life. They can see the best in everyone and delight in being in the company of friends, family or anyone who can be an audience. They are natural performers and also have a strong creative urge too. They can be hardworking, inspiring and natural leaders, as long as they believe in their own magnificence.
Shindig anyone?

Get More from Life
By surrounding yourself with positive people who can support you in times of self doubt.

Ideal Careers
Business management, law, actor, film director, artist, jeweler, dancer, playing Father Christmas, hair dresser, fund raiser, astrologer, youth worker.

Advice for Partners & Friends
A good idea - to be encouraging and praise your Lion.

Not so useful - to be negative and belittling.

We love you at your Best ...
When you roar, with laughter, preferably. You know how to have fun and put on a good show and will play to your audience, without showing if your hurting inside. You have an innocent belief that you will be treated like you treat others and know that when you laugh the world laughs with you. You want to make the world a happy place and will do what you can to make that happen. You have an innate sense of glamour and hate the idea of being penniless, particularly if it means you cannot afford to buy presents.

Creative, generous, enthusiastic, organized (if bothered), broad minded, expansive, dramatic.

.... Difficult to Live With!
Pride can get in the way and Leo's can sometimes cut off their nose to spite their face. There is a danger of attention seeking too, and the need to bring drama to a perfectly ordinary occasion. Leo's need space in every sense to express themselves and are really not at home with the idea of being modest or living in an understated way. Occasionally, Leos can be quite snobbish and arrogant.