You Should Be Dancing!

(written in pieces while watching Idol)
WOOT! Blake! BeeGee's songs are hard. Tim asked "who kicked him in the crotch?" and I, of course, still love his bee-boxin. Not sure I liked the blonde chunk in the front though.

But hey, it's disco.

Ok, give Lakiesha props, I like her version of "Stayin' Alive" even if the judges don't.

what is Melinda going to rock? (Apparently I missed her first song)

HOLY COW!!!! I think Jordin is my new fave. Did you hear that???

Ok, so .... I still like Blake and will vote for him out of loyalty

Judge Judy likes Idol?????????????????

Jordin ROCKS, and I don;t care, Blake's first song was fun.

and now it is time for House