Concentration is the game...

Another one of those days where I can’t concentrate. Can you imagine how ANNOYING it is to want to be able to read a good book, like Good Omens, and then not being able to focus clearly on the words, concepts, timeline, characters, etc.? Damn annoying, that’s for sure! So here we are, playing UNO, and in between I am blogging, trying to read, drinking my yummy Razzamatazz Jamba Juice, and listening to a co-worker go on about her crusie (she’s going in about a month) and wishing I could go with her, and trying to decide if I want extensions again or if I should just have my natural hair braided, or try to relax it, or … wow, I haven’t had a run-on sentence since 4th grade.

Ah well, more later, gonna try and get back to Good Omens before lunch. What am I having for lunch anyway? I need to stop eating out, it’s not good for our budget.


  1. isn't that how everyone's mind works? i'm always on a hundred different things, working surfing, trying to blog, figureout hte solutions to world poverty etc..... maybe i'm as add as you....scary!

  2. Nah, what would be scary is if we are as ADD as Scott :)


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