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- - Are you available? Depends on what you mean
- - What is your age? old enough to be legal. I'm a bi-centennial baby, do the math.
- - What annoys you? Repeating myself more than 3 times

- - Do you know anyone named Billy?: I know two!
- - When is your birthday?: August 15th
- - Who is your best friend?: Siv tops the list, then Graham, Jinkies, and Travis. Starting to get a few good girl friends, but the above can practically read my mind

- - What's your favorite candy?: CHOCOLATE (as if you didn't know that)
- - Who's your crush?: I'm married
- - When was the last time u cried?: on Saturday, twice.

- - Do you day dream?: sometimes,then i stop
- - What's your favorite kind of dog?: Husky, but Zoe is fast becoming my fave. She's a Jack Russell mix.
- - What day of the week is it? Tuesday

- - How do you like your eggs?: scrambled, quiche, omeletted, and hard-boiled
- - Have you ever been in the emergency room?: yes, read about it here
- - What's the easiest thing ever to do?: sleep, read

- - Have you ever flown in a plane?: Yuppers
- - Do you use fly swatters?: yuppers
- - Have you ever used a foghorn? no....

- - Do you chew gum?: yes, i like the hot stuff, like Big Red and Altoids (now)
- - Are you a giver or a taker?: Depends

- - How are you?: Do you really want to know?
- - What's your height?: 5'8" to 5'9" after a chiropractor visit
- - What color is your hair?: Winter - Dark Brown, Summer - Auburn

- - What's your favorite ice cream?: Mint Chocolate Chip

- - What's your favorite jelly bean?: Easter ones, Skittle Jelly Beans are good
- - Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke?: Yes, but of course I can’t recall it at the moment
- - Do you wear jewelry?: ALWAYS a watch, usually earrings, sometimes a necklace and bracelet

- - Who do you want to kill?: not kill, but maim
- - Do you want kids: I have two, I wouldn’t mind more (Shh! Don’t tell my hubby)
- - Where did you go to kindergarten?: Seibert Elementary in Bakersfield

- - Are you laid back: I am so go with the flow – it actually makes life difficult
- - Do you lie?: I prevaricate

- - What was your favorite movie when you were little?: The Princess Bride. Still is.
- - Made in: Hollywood. Is that what it's asking? << yeah, what Jen said.
- - What makes you mad?: Lack of common sense, repeating myself, and other people losing their tempers instead of trying to find a solution to the problem. Just take a deep breath and step away.

- - Do you have a nickname? : NANNER! (don’t ask)
- - What's your favorite number?: 7
- - Do you prefer night over day?: I’m a night owl, but give me a sunny day ANYTIME

- - What's your one wish?: Wishing goes along with daydreaming
- - Are you an only child?: Nope, oldest of four
- - Obsession?: SPIDER-MAN currently. Check out my myspace

- - What are you most paranoid about?: being homeless
- - Pickles: what about them? LOVE ‘em. Who remembers pickles and peppermint sticks? (yeah, it’s a ghetto thang)
- - Do you like the President?: umm, plead the 5th.

- - Are you quick to judge people?: I try not to be
- - What is one of your Quirks?: I talk to too much
- - Why are you answering these questions? Cuz I am bored at work and have availability. That means the phones are not ringing off the hook and we have enough people to talk about Harvey the Rabbit on TV Highway.

- - Do you think you're always right?: 99.5% of the time. Just prove me wrong :)
- - You watch reality tv?: I want to watch people humiliate themselves why?
- - What's a good reason to cry?: Because you see something truly moving that touches your heart. You can cry for joy or sadness, or frustration. Just let it out. It’s good for you.

- - Do you prefer sun or rain: SUN!!!!!
- - Do you like snow?: yes, on a sunny day :)
- - What's your favorite season?: Summer

- - What time is it?: 4:20 – no, really, it is.
- - What time did you wake up?: the first time (4:30AM)? Or the last time I pressed snooze (5 AM)
- - When was the last time you slept in a tent?: um … Family Camp 2001. I think. Have I been camping since then?

- - Can you ride a unicycle?: no, only when I read the Berenstain Bears- - Do you wear Underwear?: always

- - What’s the worst veggie?: Brussel sprouts
- - Best Vacation?: San Diego, baby

- - What's your worst habit?: talking out of turn
- -Who do you live with?: Tim, Joy, Josh, Boots, Tigerlily, Zoƫ, Blue, and Bingo (hubby, kids, cats, dog, fish)
- -Where did you get this from?: Jen’s MySpace

- - Have you ever had an x-ray?: yup
- -Have you ever played the xylophone?: Just the toy kind. Hasn’t everybody?

- - Do you like the color yellow?: Yes
- - What year were you born in?: 1976
- - What do you like to yell in the hallway?: I prefer to scream outside. But “Hey You!” will suffice for this.

- - Do you believe in the zodiac?: Chinese Zodiac has me pegged.
- - What's your sign?: Fire Dragon


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