BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Fossilised trees mystery solved

Their timing is off, but otherwise a very cool story (yeah, in my old age I am becoming a young earth proponent)
BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Fossilised trees mystery solved: "A Cardiff fossil expert has identified a pair of 385-million-year-old trees, thought to be among the world's oldest.

American researchers found fossilised remains in New York state two years ago, but their identity was unknown.

They called in Dr Christopher Berry from Cardiff University, who confirmed the remains are from the Genus Wattieza, a fern-like plant which formed earth's first known forests.

Dr Berry described the discovery as a 'spectacular' find.

The upright stumps of fossilised trees were first uncovered after a flash flood in Gilboa, New York, more than a century ago.

But until two further fossils were found two years ago, which had fallen sideways with their trunk, branches, twigs and crown still intact, no-one knew what the entire trees looked like."