Trader Joe's

... is finally open in Hillsboro! Woot!! I went on Saturday with the kids who for the first time in recent memory were GOOD on a shopping trip. I usually try to go by myself as often as possible. Now, being the frugal shopper that I am, I haven't shopped at TJ's for my family of 4. It get kinda spendy. But we picked up some Joe's O's, Joy gobbled down some organic peanut butter cereal, Zoe is not so big on the pig ears (she apparently prefers show leather), and Josh just went super happy because he remembers it as the first place I ever bought Hansen's. And their gummy vites are cheaper than the grocery store so I got generous and got the kids their own bottles. No fighting! yay! And even though we can get it at WinCo, he picked up a bumch for his lunches. And did I mention the salsa? Their demo was their salsa and chips. The only thing missing was the fruit cart outside selling perfect avocados *sigh* but .. avocados don't exactly grow well in the Pacific Northwest. I'll probably be shopping there more often. My only disappointment is that I could have swore that some of my fave TJ's food ... like perogies ... came in bigger packages (more food). But things change. Oh yeah, that's it. The freezer section wasn't as big.

*sigh*, time to get ready for work