Stupid Man Week

Today at work I declared it "Stupid Man Week" and passed out kisses to those of us who needed it. All of the women around me (except the one that is now engaged) have been having stupid men problems. One guy had everyone in one friend's family thinking he was about to propose, instead he dumps her and finds someone else to sleep with the same night. This friend is taking her hurt and anger out on everyone else. Not good, but we're working on it. Another lied to his wife (lie by omission) and then wonders why she got mad because his omission screwed up their monthly budget and put a huge strain on relations with extended family, and he fights dirty. And I won't go into mine. He wasn't stupid or hurtful this week, but I am still recovering from a blow a few weeks ago. And then there is the smart husband :) He used to be stupid when it came to treating his wife as a treasure, but she fills him in on our problems and in the last two weeks he's been a doll.

Anyways, it was just that there seems to be so much evil surrounding relationships these days. I was trying to explain to a male co-worker to keep treating his fiancee the way he is treating her now. Even the most tomboyish of women need to feel loved, adored, cherished, and beautiful to their men. Even on those days when we we look like crap and feel like it too. You better tell us we're beautiful and the most precious thing in the world. Especially if we have gone and had your babies!!!!

To Men

Jesus said that the greatest gift is for a man to lay down his life for a friend, but I'm beginning to think that the greatest gift a woman can give a man is a child. Shoot, just the process these days still involves a woman practically laying down her life (see C-section and pre-eclampsia) and sometimes the life of her child (if you get the chance, read The Scott's blogs and all that has gone on with Tobias and Mercy). And yes, children are hard work, but they are a joy if you just let them and stop thinking of them as burdens and inconveniences to your lifestyle.

Men STEP IT UP! If you think we are good enough to marry (let alone sleep with on a regular basis even if you are too chicken to pop the question), you better keep treating us that way till the day you die. And we will show our appreciation, love, and all that other good stuff, you know what I am talking about. And honestly, a little goes a LONG way.

OK, done ranting.