The Results - Part I

So, apparently a 4 day headache with no previous history of migraines in my immediate family or myself warrants an MRI. Or she could have sent me to the ER for a CAT scan, that would basically tell me if I was in immediate danger of dying or not. (After the last ER visit I am SO glad that she didn't).

So I get an MRI tomorrow morning and had bloodwork done today. With my luck my bloodwork will come back normal and the MRI will reaveal (drumroll please) NOTHING.

Though Tim did confirm that I grind my teeth in my sleep. So I get to make a dentist's appointment to get fitted with a mouth guard. At least it's not gingivitis ...


  1. Oh sweetie!!!
    I am SO SORRY! I wish that I could have helped you somehow! Next time, call me & I'll come pick Joy up for you!!

    Nerd. :oP


  2. I think I know what the root cause is and even though I am 30 and having my first migraine (probably from all the teeth grinding in my sleep )... thanks hun.

    At least my doc doesn't think I'm nuts, though in all honesty some serious counseling or time in a sanatarium would probably cure me.

  3. can i go to the sanatarium with you? or send dude?

  4. The more the merrier!!!

    But leave your stress at the door.

    Who's up for an extended weekend at the coast? Can that be a substitute?


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