picture errors

I think I figured it out. I removed all the redirects and hopefully the photos will show soon. My server automatically does hotlink protection :) Not a problem till I moved my blog. We shall see. If you are still having trouble viewing old photos, let me know. I don't have time to test it. Zoe is trying to open the door and I KNOW she hasn't gone poop yet.


  1. are you having problems posting pics? my mom can no longer post pics on her blog she has to use the side bar.... she has even talked to the elusive bloger people who are actually of no help. she can not figure it out.

  2. I started having problems when I moved this one over to blogspot and off my server (only way I could use the nifty new stuff).

    I haven't had any other photo problems with useing bloggers service. Um, ... I'm working OT again, but if she's on late I can help after like 7 tonight ... do the remote assistance thingy. Did it with my dad, it was kinda cool taking over his computer *muhahahahah*

    Uh yeah, time to stop wasting lunch time and actually eat.

    But I can help after 7 PM anytime this week except Friday.


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