How do Picasa Web Albums and Blogger work together?

I need to keep more on top of things. Blogger Buzz has this dated March 8. But boy am I glad they upped the storage!!!
When you create a blog that contains photos using Blogger, a web album will be created in Picasa Web Albums. Any photos you upload using Blogger automatically appear in an unlisted album under “My Photos” with a small Blogger icon in the corner of the album cover. The title of your Blogger web album will match the title of that blog and contain those photos. If you re-title your blog, the web album title will not change.

Once a photo is posted to Blogger from Picasa Web Albums, future comments or captions made on either site will not be synched with each other. We recommend that you add captions and comments in Picasa Web Albums before posting a photo to Blogger.

If you delete a photo from Blogger it will also be deleted from Picasa Web Albums. Likewise, if you delete a photo from your Blogger album on Picasa Web Albums, the photo will also be deleted from your blog.

Please note that you cannot upload photos directly to a Blogger web album using the Picasa Web Albums site at this time."