Literary Conversation

Home sick, Zoe sleeping, catching up on feeds .. this one from podiobooker (and oh yeah, I LOVE, some good stuff there, like Shadowmagic and Tracy Hickman's latest.

Now while these fungi owners don’t have to worry about pesky things like maintaining an inventory, updating your database or any of the stuff that business have to deal with, some of the more enterprising ilk have taken to spamming Technorati,, blogs, forums and the like. And this, happy campers, is where my weenie gets a little chapped. It’s been bad enough that I have to wade through their asinine posts designed to try and siphon as much Google juice as possible, flooding my aggregator with crap. I can handle that. Cost of doing business. But when they start showing up here and spamming my posts on my webite? Then I get a whole lot torqued.

These sites add nothing to the conversation. It’s homogenizing the offerings available, and probably turning more than one person off who’s just discovering audiobooks for the first time by making it look like every place offers the same stuff. Not true. Not true at all. I haven’t figured out a way to combat these nitwits. Maybe it’s just a fad that’ll go away. Maybe the search engines will take a hard look and say “Hey, this is the same stuff as that other site, just with a different wrapper” and delete them from the index, lowering the attractiveness of this offering. Fungus, I tell you.
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